Paintings from Sanami Shimada

I find these paintings to be very delicate, light, and almost ethereal. While Sanami Shimada doesn’t just paint women, I particularly enjoy her soft use of color and barely-there brush strokes. And those perfectly place drops of gold! See all of Sanami Shimada’s work on her website. All images are the property of Sanami Shimada.

A Minuscule Embroidery World

Chloe Giordano is an inspiring illustrator creating unbelievably tiny freehand embroideries. Looking through Chloe’s portfolio feels like falling into a Victorian children’s book. Itty-bitty animals, and a few macabre designs, and it becomes clear that her love of literature greatly influences her work. The textures Chloe manages to create completely tricks the eye into forgetting that… Read More A Minuscule Embroidery World