Confessions of a Cat Lady


Surrealist painter, Casey Weldon, speaks to my inner (and outer) cat lady. These cute little freaks are just so adorable they make my heart melt and I want to snuggle them. They’re lovable and creepy and display a genuine talent as far as accurately duplicating facial features. The bright worlds surrounding the cats are so warm and playful, they feel familiar and really help the viewer to accept that these cats are real and this is where they live.

Even better is seeing Casey’s talent transfer over to more traditional subjects. Her women show longing, danger, recklessness, and adventure bringing with them a fresh contemporary breath. Her deep vivid colors and used help carry the surrealism of the subjects scenes and compliment that darkness and dark features that so many of the subjects are created with.

Altogether, well worth a look. Check out all of Casey Weldon’s work on her Instagram.

All images are property of Casey Weldon.

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