Paradise in Clay

Nukupu'u in Koa NestNukupu'u in Koa Nest DetailNukupu'u Tidal Bloom 1Nukupu'u Tidal Bloom 2Nukupu'u Tidal Bloom DetailPulelehua Hala Nest

I recently was able to meet with artist Malia Landis and she is a dream and a gem. A Hawaiian native and current California resident, Landis takes porcelain to a new level of beauty. Using paper clay, Landis creates incredibly light and surprisingly sturdy sculptures. Her leis are even wearable and she has made bracelets out of porcelain. Paper clay is an interesting medium to sculpt with and I suggest further reading on it. Because the paper burns away during the firing process, the remaining sculptures are left with matrix-esque pockets inside which help to keep the sculptures sturdy.

For her more recent works, Landis has focused on Hawaii and it’s native flora. Interestingly, many of the animals featured in her work, and particularly her early work of handbags, are invasive species in Hawaii. From all sides, each of her pieces is simply breathtaking. Perfectly white, encased in handmade wooden koa frames and dishes, each piece is smooth, perfect, and incredibly delicate.

See the rest of Malia’s work on her website and check out her store when she sells clay earthenware.

All images are the property of Malia Landis.

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