Textile Tuesday: Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia


Welcome to the first Textile Tuesday! I love this much underappreciated medium and want to broadcast as many textile artists as I can to the world.

First up is Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia. With hand sewn work that ranges from palm-sized to full installation, her textile work is exquisite. The color combinations from each series are dreamy and each piece is just want to curl up next to. The repetition of shape, form, and color is calming and each piece, while soft and puffy, also gives off a definitive feeling of stability and solidness. Overall, each piece reads as being completely organic in both shape and form. Even though they’re laboriously hand sewn, each looks like it has been plucked from a vivid colorful natural world.

Check out all of Venezia’s work on her website.

All images are the property of Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia.

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