Abigail Goldman and Mini Murder

I had the good fortune to see Abigail Goldman’s work while in San Francisco a little while ago at the Hashimoto Contemporary. She appealed to the serial killer lover in me and I just couldn’t resist. Abigail’s miniatures, ranging from 4inches to 3feet, contain idyllic scenes of quaint city life, charming days out for picnics, and the perfect white fence homes…with a deadly secret.

Each miniature scene has a gruesome death. Some by what appears to be happy-go-lucky serial killers, some by mobs, and some by your unassuming neighbor. A few of the scenes contain animal attacks rather than a murder, but the onlookers taking on the role of paparazzi continues the ever-present theme of cold and ambivalent people. I love it. Excuse me while I go watch CSI. (Fun fact, Abigail was an investigator for the Las Vegas Federal Public Defender!)


See more of Abigail’s work on her website and Instagram or purchase a little murder for yourself.

All images courtesy of Abigail Goldman.

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