Julie Filipenko: Bringing Back Girl Power

There’s just something about big-eyed cute girls that just lets you know they’re up to something. And isn’t it just so lovely? Julie Filipenko, an emerging artist out of Isreal, has a great talent for creating adorable women that you just instinctively know could beat you up.

Brightly colored and delicate, these drawings and acrylic paintings cannot help but bring a deviant smile to the viewers face. While Filipenko has noted that some of her drawings are based on images of models, particularly her latest and largest painting. No Use Going Back,  featured in her We’ll Wake the Dead solo exhibit at the Haven Gallery in New York. Even her black and white drawings and paintings remain delicate and light. The distinct lack of harsh, hard, or sharp lines adds a sense of grace to everything that Filipenko creates proving once again that it is perfectly possible to be a badass lady while wearing heels and a dress.


As a side note, if Julie Filipenko ever comes out with a line of blush, I will be the first in line to purchase.

To see more of Julie Filipenko’s work check out her Instagram or purchase work via her etsy shop.

All images courtesy of Julie Filipenko.

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