Magdalena Wywrot: Fleeting and Futile

I have come to accept that the mild existential crisis is a part of life that I cannot avoid. Whether struck by profound sonder or feeling overwhelmed with insignificance in the grand scheme of life, the universe, and everything, these mini-crises strikes myself, and I imagine others, somewhat regularly. If you are currently in the midst of one of these mild crisis states, do not view Magdalena Wywrot’s photography.

Wywrot’s work elegantly captures fleeting moments of our lives. Not in a pretty way, with a passing kiss or children playing, but it a dark and realistic manner. Blurred images of people in motion, surreal postures walking the border between real and not. Seemingly always tipping on the edge of falling into a dream. These images capture what I can only think to describe as real time. Hair swung into a face, jumping, running, screaming, wind on a landscape, they’re all just a single instant. It is hauntingly beautiful.

In her own words, Wywrot notes that “we are destined to spend only a fraction of a second in the immensity of the universe. Everything we witness, experience and create belongs to us, regardless of what happens after our death…I tell of the continuity of the body, the fragmentation of time, and the apparent unpredictability of our existence”. I commend Wywrot for such an exacting and eloquent artist statement.


Frankly, these images remind me of the edge of my dreams. The blurred faces that you know are not blurred except that they are because it’s all a dream. Capturing this is ever so slightly unsettling and yet, comfortably familiar. Perhaps because Wywrot’s work makes me feel that I am not alone in these experiences.

For more of Magdalena Wywrot’s work, see her website or Instagram.

All images courtesy of Magdalena Wywrot.

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